VersaJam Bluetooth Speaker

The most versatile speaker on the market.

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Features of VersaJam

Exclusive Design

Clip It, Wear It, or Hang it! Clip it your bikini, waders, belt, sailboat lines, 4 wheeler or wherever you want your tunes. Includes free carabiner and lanyard!

Amazing Value

Compare to other speakers on the market with fewer features, sub-par sound and higher prices! So, It’s value for money.

Easy Connectivity

Micro USB quick charging (30 mins) and 6 hour playback allow for continuous use. VersaJam may be used while charging.

High Visibility

Safety Orange & Safety Yellow allow you to find your VersaJam in the water, on the beach, in the snow, on your work bench or wherever you may leave it

All Weather Proof

Waterproof, Ice-proof, Snow-proof, sand-proof, sawdust-proof and kid proof. Designed to go anywhere in all conditions. Period.

Long Lasting

Micro USB quick charging (30 mins) and 6 hour playback allow for continuous use. VersaJam may be used while charging.

About VersaJam

VersaJam was created by Thane Holland. Thane, while fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains, smashed his old speaker because it kept bouncing around and hitting him everytime he casted, jumped to a new boulder or changed positions. VersaJam was born, the first bruise-less speaker. Since then, Thane has taken his Bruise-less VersaJam and caught fish in Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

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Beware of Knock Offs!

VersaJam is NOT sold on Ebay or Amazon. If you don’t see the Bluetooth logo, it’s a fake. Doesn’t have a barcode? It’s a fake. Has a similar patented clip and carabiner design?  It’s fake. Please send us a link to where you find these fake and infringed products. Help fight fakes!

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